Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Megaman Tribute 2011 entry

This is the complete version of my entry for Megaman Tribute 2011
Basically I just want to make sure I did participate in the tribute contest without
spending too much time on the idea but focusing on the art style that I want to
study so I picked Ashley Wood masterpieces and try to apply his style and colour
on my own piece. But Im still not really satisfied with the outcome because its
digital and its totally lack of the imperfect of traditional art.

Anyway thanks Udon organized this contest and hopefully there will be more contest
that I can participate in the future.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fire colossus that I did within 1.5 days for fun & inspired by the great artist BramLeech from deviantart with his submission for the RIFT Colossus contest.

Roughly developed some sketches on the proportion before working on this however the outcome still not really satisfied myself.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pre-war 2011

Pre-war just ended and I made myself to participate with the crap above as well.Didn't make any rank but still having
fun this piece.First time being so 'active' in the GA forum because trying to make myself learn something from it.And someone critique on my posing for those characters and I think he got the point just only I don't have time to redraw and fix sorry XP!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

ASHLEY WOOD( クロスオーバー)Kurosuōbā BONBONE

Ashley wood -- one of my favourite painter that always inspired me with his acrylic paintings. I did an acrylic painting back to my highschool life and thats the only one acrylic paints in my life so far. But i still keeping an extra canvas and im gonna do something on it nicely (because the canvas cost expensive).But so far i still do not have any idea for it.

Bonbone is a character from megaman and i like the combination of the primitive shapes and i think its good for me to study how to paint simple shape in perspective. Trust me, this kind of practise will never end althought you are a 3D CG artist that always facing with a lot of primitive polygons but it doesn't mean that you can really paint it out nicely.